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from Calumet, MI

Marr, Bob - Last 10 points

Racer has scratched (dropped out)

#98 on Fri Jun 11 09:23:51 2010 (29 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes ago). 269 feet traveled at 0.3 mph
#97 on Fri Jun 11 09:13:06 2010 (29 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes ago).

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Checkpoint times

Elkford scratch
US Border scratch
Whitefish scratch
Lincoln scratch
Butte scratch
Lima scratch
Island Park scratch
Flagg Ranch scratch
Boulder scratch
Atlantic City scratch
Rawlins scratch
Steamboat Spgs scratch
Silverthorne scratch
Salida scratch
Del Norte scratch
Abiquiu scratch
Cuba scratch
Pie Town scratch
Silver City scratch
Antelope Wells scratch


Distance to next waypoint (Elkford ) = 112.79 miles
Estimated arrival time at Elkford = Tue Jul 13 01:08:35 2010 (2:11:48 from now)
At mile 0.7 of race route, route average speed = 1.9 mph
Route miles per day = 45.3
SPOT distance = 0.00 miles, SPOT Average speed = 0.00 mph

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