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Race clock = 125:03:20

NameWestwaterDewey BridgeFisher CreekHighway 141Tab Trail25 Mesa RdWhitewater
Jim Leikert 00:21 14:21 114:20:38 114:20:38 114:20:38 115:19:18
Kurt Refsnider 115:11:30 115:21:39
Name Westwater Dewey Bridge Fisher Creek Highway 141 Tab Trail 25 Mesa Rd Whitewater

Time format: days:hours:minutes. Note that all times are computed from SPOT points and are best estimates only.

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Jim Leikert
Est. arrival at Whitewater=Sat Oct 30 02:16:53 2010 (22:04:56 from now)

Kurt Refsnider
Est. arrival at Fisher Creek=Fri Oct 8 01:46:29 2010 (04:26 from now)

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