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Trackleaders provides state-of-the-art event tracking services. Specializing in satellite SPOT-based tracking and through exclusive use of TopoFusion tracking software, trackleaders is a leader in web-based tracking.

We've been tracking events since 2009 and have worked with some of the most iconic events in the world, such as the Baja 1000, Iditarod and Race Across America. We have the most experience dealing with satellite trackers, the challenges of running large events and keeping things running smoothly.

As keeper of the SPOT North American Demo Fleet, we also have the benefit of direct access to SPOT technical support and demo units available to qualifying events. We also fully support Garmin InReach trackers, though we do not have any in our rental fleet. Support for Zoleo tracking devices was added in 2023.

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Trackleaders was founded by Matthew Lee and Scott Morris. Born of a passion for bikepacking races such as Tour Divide and the Arizona Trail race, we are participants as much as fans of long distance travel and events. Our partnership with SPOT and with a host of events has allowed us to share a bit of our passion with the world.


To view previous events we have tracked, visit the trackleaders portfolio.

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