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SPOT 'XML Feed' Tutorial ( how to create or grab existing feed )

To connect your SPOT tracker with Trackleaders we need your XML Feed ID (formerly known as a Share Page). Pre-existing share pages will work.

An XML feed ID is 32 characters and looks like this EXAMPLE:


In share page form:

Either format works, but please use copy/paste and do not transcribe (type) it in key by key. The below tutorial shows you how to find an existing XML feed in your account or how to create a new one.

Step 1 - Login

Login to your account at: https://login.findmespot/spot-main-web/auth/login.html

Step 2 - Go to XML Feed

Step 3 - Create or find existing Feed

If feed exists, skip to step 6.

Step 4 - Create Feed

Step 5 - Copy XML Feed Id

Step 6 - View Details, Copy Feed ID

Use Copy/Paste on the 32 character XML Feed ID.

Paste it into the XML Feed ID portion of the Trackleaders registration form. Remember that you can edit your registration use the 'Edit Submission' link in your confirmation email from us, if needed.

One final note: it is normal if when clicking on an older style share page link (like for it to say "Unavailable." That does not mean anything is wrong, it's just an unfortunate way their system is set up. If you need help debugging a XML feed ID that is valid but you still aren't showing up on one of our maps, see: SPOT XML Feed setup.

Still need help? Email us: