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Musher NameBib#Rimini to Butte Trail TimeWhite Tail Total TimeSeeley-1 Total TimeWilderness Total TimeSeeley-2 Total TimeFinish Total Time
Adkins, C. 5:51:03
Bardoner, J. 6:41
Clarke, L. 5:20
Daugereau, L. 5:08
El Zein, E. Junior
Ferraro, A. Junior
Fink, Justin Junior
Gallea, C. 5:17
Greger, J. Junior
Halsnes, J. 5:01
Hart, L. Junior
Hoffman, K. 6:40:20
Ibsen, M. 5:42
Larson, R. 5:16
Madsen, S. 6:40
Olson, R. 5:29
Routley, M. 5:50
Wurzelbacher, D. 5:51

Time format: days:hours:minutes. Note that all times are computed from SPOT points and are best estimates only.

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